Shower With A View

There is no denying I love taking a shower.  And after 4 years of tending to things always higher on the priority list, we finally got the chance to renovate and upgrade the bathroom.  Thanks to our handy friend Aaron along with multiple trips to Splashes, Home Depot, and, of course,  the Co-op, we created the bathroom of our dreams.  
Now every morning I start my day with warm little raindrops falling on my head.  Another bonus is the increased water pressure from upgrading the 30 year old plumbing.  In a stroke of renovation providence we were able to work the orange vanity tile into the shower to tie new and old together.  Thank goodness for the little bit of hoarders in us that kept the random tiles we found when we bought the house.
Of course, after the dust settled and got cleaned, we got into some serious styling.  I'm not really a  hanging-shower-caddy-getting-knocked-around kinda guy so imagine how happy I am that the spacious shower allows for this sweet ceramic stand.
Is it possible for someone to fall in love with a sink?  Michael certainly thinks so.  We are so lucky that the new sink and old vanity (revitalized with a swanky shade of country green) seemed made for each other.
And this little piece of DIY my talented husband conjured up finished it all.  We laugh because its another project where I provided the one percent of inspiration and Michael, as usual, came up with the rest.  How I love to find things for him to do.  That said, we kept promising one another that this will be it for a while.  But we are truly discovering that when you own a home you love those are just famous last words. And what is a home without guests?

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