Family Dreams

Michael's dad came to visit us this week.  Terry is part inspiration for our living on Hornby.  His own mother instilled in him a life long love for nature and rural living.  Every summer during his childhood she would take him and his sister to a cottage she bought sight unseen on an island in the Lake Of The Woods.  In the beginning years she rowed them out to it with all the supplies they would need for the three months they lived there; without power, without phone, without distraction or pollution.  Terry passed that heritage to his sons and it irrevocably shaped their lives.  In moments of stress and uncertainty, it has provided a stillness and an anchor for Michael.  As an adult Michael would introduce it to me and I would fall in love with barefoot summers spent with family and the luxury of time and quiet.  And I now owe to a woman I never met  a legacy to last my whole life long.

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