OMG Squared

Known wide and far as the Jam Savant, Kathy makes a wide variety of delicious jams and jellies which she brings to the Farmers Market.  You regularly see lots of happy people carrying bagfuls of her  trademark jars loaded with goodness.   A couple of weeks ago I tried her Hot Pepper Jelly for the first time and fell in love all over again.  Since then I have had it with cheeses, toast, fruit, Hornby Island pate and ... well, you get the picture.  It makes perfect sense that Kathy is the sage of all things sweet, savoury and delicious because she is one of the happiest and kindest people you could ever hope to meet.  Her prowess for all things canning and preserving comes complete with a warm smile and her cheerful throaty laughter.   Very necessary Hornby.

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