At This Moment,...

 ... this is me at my most (ruthless)." - Bill from Kill Bill: Vol. 1

My friend Anna taught me last year how to prune the burgeoning apple buds from my tree so in September I would gather big round delicious fruit worthy of admiration and enjoyment.  She told me every eight inches you remove all but the best three buds.  The problem was there were up to as many as eight or nine buds every eight inches.  And while the misshapen and worm eaten buds are easy to toss most buds are perfectly round and worthy.  So I wimped out and left more than what she recommended.  Then last September we harvested lots of tasty, small, and somewhat misshapen apples.  But this year I took Anna's advice to heart and mercilessly went through the tree until only the prescribed three remained.  A relatively mellow person I must admit I rather enjoyed feeling my unforgiving nature.  Now I patiently wait.  And dote.   

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