Today is the second anniversary of my move from Vancouver to Hornby Island.  I spent it on my hands and knees scrubbing the sun deck in preparation for our summer guests.  I felt deja vu remembering when I did it for the first time just after moving.  Then it was still somebody else's house and we were at the start of a new adventure, completely unaware of what we would find.  We spent long hours everyday working to make the house more our own but also to relaunch Arthurs House as a new business.  We dreamed about the changes we hoped to make when more time and money became available.  Fast forward to now and we have been blessed enough to make many of those wishes come true.  But I think what has made the biggest difference is the happy times we have spent here with friends, neighbours and the Hornby time our guests have enjoyed.  We are excited to show our returning guests the improvements we've made this year and to welcome them back to a community as talented, caring, and special as Hornby's.

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