The Ferry Line Up
Living in a costal island community like Hornby means spending an inordinate amount of time in ferry line ups.  Sometimes the rain beats down and you hole up in your car reading or musing or snoozing.  But there are also the sunny days when you get out to stretch your legs and take in the burgeoning Spring sun.  Those days afford you chance meetings with island neighbours also making their way home.  And suddenly, what was once a wait becomes good time spent catching up and learning what's new.  You discover the rich lives of the people who live down your street; where they have travelled, what they have seen, the shape of their hopes and dreams.  You smile listening as friends relay how they are finally finding relief from bad backs and then again as you hear of children setting sail into their own lives.  And all too soon the ferry is set to board and you rush back to your car happy to live in a community that is held close by the water.

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