Christmas Smiles
There is no better way to spend the day than laughing from morning to night.  We cemented a new tradition by enjoying morning dim sum with our good friends Doug and Rachelle before we all went out to cut down Hornby grown Christmas trees.  I don't even remember what was going on when we made these faces but the spirit of it continues to crack me up.  I keep hearing strains of "I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay".
 Hail the mighty and successful Chirstmas tree lumberjacks!

After a couple of hours of focused work I put up the 3 string of lights and our tree was ready to decorate.  I have discovered that things go much faster if you don't keep stopping to take congratulatory sips of rum and eggnog after every bulb has been placed.  And while some might disparage the fullness of our Hornby trees I am sold because they show off the ornaments all the better.  Let the reindeer games begin!

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