The Bette
Michael has been hankering for a burger joint cheeseburger so last night he answered the call of the wild and fired up the barbecue.  He left me to dress it and I struck gold when I found our friend Bette's summer gift of homemade rhubarb orange chutney.  It literally turned the ordinary into the sublime, every bite ridiculously delicious and better than the last.  Along with Michael's sumptuous homemade wedge fries served with au jus we put every burger joint to shame.  People constantly lament the lack of restaurants on the island but I appreciate how it forces you to shop your own pantry and become better cooks.  The results are usually astounding and so dee-lish.  Friends and neighbours, get hungry!  There is something new on the menu at Arthurs House.


Doug said...

A good, handmade, bbq'd cheeseburger is just about my favourite food ever. That looks like a beauty.

Rachelle said...

.... I'm waiting for my phone to ring....!!!