Teach A Man To Fish
Michael and I LOVE Christmas cake (I almost never capitalize when I write).  We never knew though just how good homemade cake was until my sister in law's mom gave us one.  Needless to say, we were hooked ( or maybe addicted is a more apt description).  Every Christmas we prayed we would yet again merit the gift of more cake.  Thankfully, our friend Rachelle saved us from our pitiful wishing when she shared her family recipe with us.  Last year we made the cakes in November, very late in terms of baking Christmas cake.   Nevertheless, they rocked!  It'll be interesting to see if making them in October will result in more scrumptious cake.  And before you ask, no not all four cakes are for the two of us.  We plan on helping Santa out by sharing with all the Hornby boys and girls who made the "nice" side of the list, saving ourselves a mere two.  Okay, maybe three.  Remember, I said we LOVE Christmas cake.   For Rachelle's family recipe press here.

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Rachelle said...

We'll convert the fruit cake haters one by one!!!