The Wise Squirrel
Michael and I have been busy tackling an arm's length of chores.  Having said our goodbyes to our last summer guests, we have a week of repairs and maintenance before our fall season begins.   I learned last year how much work there is to do in the fall when you live in the country so it feels good to have such a head start on things.  I once heard a report on CBC Radio One that stated 85% of Canadians live in an urban setting, leaving only 15% in the rurality.  When I realize I am apart of that 15% I am noticeably surprised and amused.  For me to trade in designer labels for gardening shears is somewhat akin to walking on water.  I now change with the seasons and see how much value there is in the diligent work to store away precious nuts, saving the play for later.  What is most surprising is how good I feel energetically, how I can rise at 5 and head straight into work solidly until 5 later that same day.  I don't expect this energy or pace to last much longer but I am enjoying it for now.  I feel so powerful and healthy.  Must be all this clean country air and quiet deep sleep.  It truly is good for the soul.

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