Sandpiper Meadow is easily the most peaceful place I know in the world.  A vantage point between sea, sky, and earth, the tranquility is tangible and always brings me a renewed appreciation for Hornby Island and my home.  People come here to meditate, practice tai chi, yoga and Pilates, get married, or as a short layover before combing the beach.  Some sit to welcome the morning light and others sit surrounded by night's darkness save the halo of their beach bonfire.  During the sunrise the water is almost invariably calm and brilliant.  As a novice meditator it leaves me feeling inspired and hopeful for the day ahead.  Having lived here a year now I blessedly move on island time.  But the meadow's serenity has such power that it stills slows me down and I feel the impact of clean air in my body while the quiet infuses my mind and being with a lasting peace.

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Cindyv said...

Hi, Just read your whole blog. Your mind is as beautiful as you. It sounds like you are enjoying yourselves. We wish we were there with you. That farmer's market is so gorgeous among the trees. Oh I wish Michael was here with me to help me develop a stunning booth.
We miss you guys. I wish it was us sitting at your dinner table on the deck. xoxoxoxoxoxo