The Basket Weavers
Say hello to the latest basket I made with the guidance and support of Alastair Heseltine, master basket weaver and patient teacher who lives here on Hornby.   Over the course of two full days he skillfully steered ten of us through the rigours of weaving this Spanish Provisions basket.  Basket weaving is not for the faint of heart; you sweat, grunt and struggle your way through the process and in doing so learn as much about yourself as you do basketry.   It is a physical, mental and spiritual journey when making a basket; I used every limb (sometimes simultaneously) and even my mouth to tame the willow and bend it to my will.   At other times I had to relax, breathe and laugh as I learned again how willow has its own design.   But ultimately I learned I have to trust, to let go and to accept what is in front of me because then the beauty is apparent.
This is the second year I have taking Alastair's basket weaving workshop.  He is a true artisan and, as such, an elegant gentleman.  His craftsmanship is apparent in everything he touches but also in how he speaks the process.  In short, he is an inspiring teacher.  But another thing I am grateful for though is that this year the workshop was made up of my friends and neighbours whereas last year the same people were strangers to me.  And what fun it is to go into the new and challenging with your peeps around.

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