Sitting high atop the Farmers Market hill is Rachelle's elegant stand featuring her sensitive and beautiful pottery.   While going to Japan to teach English and earn extra money to complete her masters degree, Rachelle became fascinated with Japanese pottery to such a degree that she became an apprentice instead.  And we are all the better for it.  Every year multitudes of people come to Hornby and fall in love with her work, taking home a tidal inspired treasure to enjoy and to remind them of the beaches and the ocean.  
Although a potter by profession, Rachelle's artistic flare is evident in her stand itself.   Always beautifully displayed and visually engaging, Rachelle's stand is a favourite at the market among patrons and vendors alike.  Her work invites you to touch and feel it, to pick it up and to hold it in your hands.  While it appears delicate, it is incredibly well made.
A fan of fresh flowers and an avid gardener, Rachelle's work is the quintessential compliment to display a bright floral bouquet or a singular chrysanthemum.  And she just began making these slim pitchers which perfectly picks up the movement of her carvings from spout to handle.
Imaginative, organic, and calming, Rachelle's work turns everyday living into something enjoyable, memorable and beautiful.   She is a humble but true artisan.

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Rachelle said...

So sweet Pat. One little correction - I was paying off a student loan (as opposed to saving for a master's). Either way, thanks for your kind words.