Going Once, Going Twice...
Last week HUGGS (Hornby's Grandmothers and Grandsisters) held an auction to raise funds for The Stephen Lewis Foundation, reaching out to care for African kids orphaned by the AIDS epidemic.  Chairs were either donated, found or reclaimed and then transformed with imagination and paint by a number of Hornby's resident artists and craftspeople.  As you can see, the results were spectacular and exciting enough to raise a staggering $27,000.  
There were a total of 90 chairs auctioned, each reflecting the particular style of the artist who revamped them.  Sometimes the stories of the chairs' origin and their inspiration were as entertaining as the chairs themselves.  And each chair drew appreciation and excited bidding from the busy auction crowd which attracted locals and visitors alike.
Gloria Herbert single handedly re-imagined and painted 10 chairs for the event.  Each chair it seemed grew more elaborate and fantastic than the last.

 This whimsical Piano Stool brings a whole new turn to musical chairs.

The members of the HUGGS Society also graced us with their enthusiasm and selfless passion to help others.  The commitment to their mission to help and connect with other grandmothers, sisters, and children on the other side of the world inspired us all to donate as much as we could, adding to the often-times fevered bidding.  It reminds me of Mother's Teresa's quote: We can do no great things; just small things with great love.
 Graham Herbert, one of our two energetic auctioneers did a great job of generating bids and fun.
 While we lost this beauty our friend Lynn painted...
we happily took home this gorgeous adirondack chair painted by our other friend Anne.

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