Summertime Living
This summer we are going rustic, taking a self imposed rest from television, the stereo, and even rationing internet use.  Some of you might wonder "What's left?".  Well, how about fresh, organic blueberry pie!  Michael is an expert pie maker, having a knack for making crusts from scratch.  While I am a good baker who follows every direction precisely, he instinctively feels his way through the process and it always come out perfectly.  Which drives me crazy until I have my first (then second and so forth) bite.  
Limited distraction is also providing room for reading.  And being neither an avid reader or well read, I can easily count on Free Store finds, friends and the library to keep me going for the entire summer and, hopefully, beyond.   
And of course, what is life without good friends, easy conversation and good food?  Tonight we are putting our new deck again to good use, hosting a dinner party surrounded by bamboo, salmonberry, honeysuckle and warmed by the summer air.  Summertime living is easy indeed.

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Doug said...

I'm very happy to be the beneficiary of your self imposed rest from TV and all those other things.

That was a most excellent dinner. I had a lot of fun and it was great meeting Janice. Thanks so much, guys.