This smile is quintessential Sheree - open, unabashed, and warm.  She is an avid and talented photographer in love with her island home where she finds "much to amuse the muse", including flowers, eagles, butterflies, and deer.  This is her first year at the market sharing her photographs, both as framed pieces of art and as simple and colourful cards.  Needless to say, she is meeting much success and praise from market goers and locals.

 This frog is my favourite image of hers so far, a simple moment of shared contemplation.
 At the other end of the market Michael met this young lady busking near our stand.  Shrewdly she told him that she hopes she stays small and cute because she claims it is the secret to her success.  She said her older and more practiced brother makes nowhere near the coin she collects from her efforts.  Smart cookie!
And speaking our of stand, here is its latest incarnation.  Market is proving to be as fun as always; a chance to meet friends old and new and to share in the creative economic heart's blood of our island.

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