Patti and Pamela
One of the greatest gifts to come from moving away from Vancouver has been the visits from old friends.  When someone makes the effort to take 3 ferries (or 2 ferries and a flight) you know they are worthy friends, friends you are going to have for a lifetime.   Without the day to day distraction of work or schedules, a visit with friends on Hornby opens up more time to slowly and deliciously savour time with one another. This past week Patti and her sister Pamela came from Mesa and San Diego respectively to visit us in our new island home.  We spent two evenings over lengthy dinners talking, laughing, and discovering.  Patti has always been someone who inspired me deeply; she is one of the best physical movers I have ever known, a triathlete who is constantly winning her races,  and someone with a big heart but a gentle and quiet energy.  Her sister is delightfully open.  Their parting gift to us is this dream catcher made by a Navajo First Nations member, which now sits perfectly and appreciatively in our cottage bedroom.  Without knowing it, Patti and Pamela put the finishing touch on our cottage bedroom makeover, like a blessing for good sleep from our good, dear friends.

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