To know Maija, even for a moment, is to be inspired.  Part gardener, herbalist, naturopath, artist, actress, and fiber arts designer she is passionate about health and the raw food movement.  Her exuberance for good living is literally contagious and I would dare anyone to leave her without feeling like they were given greater energy and knowledge about healthful living.  Her stand at the Farmers Market is always a hub of activity and an emporium of joy; beautiful bouquets, tempting melt-in-your-mouth raw truffles, heirloom vegetables, handmade designer shawls, ponchos, and jewelry and life enhancing aromatherapy.  But the best thing about her stand is to be in her enthusiasm for living a simple and honest life connected to the earth.  After surviving the Indonesian tsunami, Maija left what most people would believe to be the pinnacle of fame and fortune for a quiet life on Hornby Island.   Like an alluring character from a French movie, her voice is as smooth as a purring cat and her subtle accent resonates with deep warmth.   But clearly, it is her talent that speaks volumes for her.   Besides finding her at the Farmers Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays her and her husband Darren can be found at the Old Rose Nursery on Central Road. 

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