This handsome young man is Ian; electrician, volunteer firefighter, and new superdad to Opal and Beckett.  And to boot, he is also a great baker who makes the most delicious scones for the Farmers Market, including cranberry, callebaut chocolate, and candied ginger.  To sweeten the deal he also sells rooibos chai which makes the perfect complement to the scones.  And on top of all that, he is literally the nicest guy you could ever hope to meet.  His stand is popular from beginning to end of market and most of the fellow vendors are his regular customers.
Opal and Beckett were born to Ian and his wife Jules last June.  They are thriving and mom and dad makes it look like they have been doing this their entire life.
And this week's market also featured talent from the Hornby Festival, our world famous music festival that brings folk, classical, contemporary, African funk, and fiddle dance to Hornby.  Besides the nightly performances the artists also perform small concerts in the natural surrounds of Hornby.
These midsummer weeks are the liveliest of the year on Hornby and the busiest at the market.  We as locals are so grateful for our visitors and vacationers because they give our local economy a huge boost and they remind us locals just how lucky we are to live here year round.

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