Welcome to my Farmers Market series.  Each Wednesday and Satruday I will take you to a different booth at the market to showcase our talented and exuberant community.  And a proper introduction would be impossible without first visiting the iconic Elaine.  A farmer, artist, florist, tee shirt designer and all around Hornby Island institution, Elaine is a testimony to the multi faceted life you can lead living on this island.  You can lose yourself for a good long while talking with her, marveling at the food and flowers she grows and contemplating her whimsical art.  

But beyond all the things she does and excels at, Elaine is a good friend who generously shares her love of this island by sharing herself with those around her.  Her boundless energy, her open smile and her resonant laughter endears her to you immediately but it is her full and wild life that will stay with you far after meeting her.

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