Summer Love

We are busy this week getting the house ready for our summer house guests.  I feel a little like the Captain of the Love Boat, greeting each week's guests and helping steer them on their Hornby adventures.  I know they are destined to fall in love with Hornby, either for the first time or all over again.  Perhaps they will swim in the nighttime phosphorescence down at our local Sandpiper Beach or stargaze at meteor showers over at Grassy Point.  Or maybe something as simple as picking the blackberries along the side of the road or spending all day at one of our white sand beaches will do the trick.  Or even simpler, they will thrill to the sound of the birdsong or the sea lions bark encased in Hornby's supernatural quiet.  Our job as ambassadors and matchmakers is easy - we love our island and we are excited to share it with our guests.  In a way, their joy feeds our own.  Happy Summer everyone!

PS Thanks to Doug and Rachelle for lending us their camera after I lost my own.  When I moved here someone told me the best part of Hornby is the people who live here - I couldn't agree more.

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Rachelle said...

Summer love is right! Those peonies are making me swoon!!!