Arthurs Cottage New Deck
Welcome to our new outdoor space at the cottage.  Our good friend and local island builder Doug built this amazing cedar deck for us, along with our humble help.   With the patience of Job, Doug kindly taught me how to use an electric drill (don't worry Doug, I promise to buy you a new set of drill bits).  After three days of measuring, cutting, framing, drilling and hammering it is done and we are all set for the summer heat.
Michael and I are all about deck space.   In the city we lived our summers on a 200 square foot deck facing the ocean and the sunset.   And when we moved to Hornby we were so happy the house had both a sun deck surrounded by wisteria and a ground level deck for sitting in the yard and outdoor dining.  Now with this new addition we are right on course for the best summer yet. 
This afternoon we added the finishing touches (our favourite part).  Now all we need a good blast of summer heat (which I know is just around the corner).  To the great outdoors!


Doug said...

It looks fantastic!

Rachelle said...

Right. Now the deck needs that first deck drinks night. I volunteer!