To Market To Market
Welcome to our stand at the Hornby Island Summer Farmers Market.  Last year I sold cookies, squares and coffee cake on a small table.  I would come home and excitedly tell Michael about all the people I met, the things I bought and the treats I ate.  So this year he wanted in on the fun.  He re-imagined our stand and, with his usual talent and enthusiasm, created a knock out sensation.  These are his country boards and I am still the humble baker.  The market runs only on Saturdays through June and then goes into high gear on Wednesdays and Saturdays through the summer.  It is the place to eat, shop, visit and be seen on Hornby Island during those two days of the week.  


Doug said...

Your booth looked so great today. And the biscotti were excellent. I owe you a "white Russian".

Rachelle said...

Hurumph. I didn't even get a chance to get biscotti! I'll have to dash across to pick up one before it all starts!