When I first moved to Hornby I saw it through my jaded big city eyes.  I compared it to what I always knew and immediately thought it less because it was small and simple.  But I am constantly touched by the fortitude and great facility Islanders demonstrate everyday.  Case in point with my friend Janice.  She quietly goes about her work running Janice's Gardens, a simple flower stand where she sells flowers, vegetable plants, and hanging baskets from Spring throughout the Summer.  Her bouquets are straightforward and beautiful; Janice always lets the flowers speak for themselves.  But underneath what I assumed was a simple flower stand is a one woman tour de force.  Janice grows everything from seed which she begins nurturing inside her home in winter.  In Spring she moves them into greenhouses in her yard, transplants, reorganizes, transplants again, and coaxes the multitude of plant life she gathers and  reaps.  And then she moves them to her stand daily during the summer where she has to outsmart the deer who might want to come hungry for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night snacks.  On top of all this growing business her own garden is a lovely medley of textures, colours, and shapes.  Did I say already she does this all by herself?  And like all true gardeners, she gives all the praise to Mother Nature, forever fascinated by the miracle of pollination and the whimsical, delightful mystery of life's changing cycles.  Through Jan and my other Island friends I have learned how simplicity is just the appearance excellence takes when the artist transcends their art and instead lives it.

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