The Day Before The Rains Came
Our good friends came up from the city to visit and we have been enjoying our island home as tourists.   We've cruised through miles of smiles exploring the island in a convertible, gazing up at passing  cool of the green trees set against the warm blue sky. I found myself thinking I will never fully know my own home.  There is always more to discover; new beaches, new viewpoints, new isles in the Coop, and renewed love for this island paradise. And going to the places I always frequent only made me realize they can constantly be rediscovered.  And what a great feeling when we noticed our good fortune in  waving hello to our island friends and neighbours everywhere we went.  

In usual Hornby fashion the day graced us more magic than expected, a sun dog poised high over Big Trib Beach.
And as my friend Gina so joyfully and simply resonates: "Let summer begin!"  Of course, just as soon as we soak up this beautiful and much needed rain.

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