I just came home from the Big City.  After ten days of pounding the pavement and wandering anonymously through the concrete jungle I am so happy to live in the peaceful natural quiet of Hornby Island.  While I am blessed to have wonderful friends and a loving family in the city, I am nonetheless struck by how city living inures you from caring for the plight of others.   When people mutter angrily and incoherently to themselves on the bus we all look away or else we walk blindly by people sitting on the sidewalk in the rain.  I think being constantly surrounded by so many souls forces us to create barriers to protect ourselves, both psychically and physically.

Since coming home two days ago I have had friends and neighbours come by to help me with yard work, celebrate birthdays, give me welcome home hugs and even flowers.  I don't mean to disparage the city; I will always love the good people who live there and enjoy all the conveniences.  But living in a small community where we know, help, reach out, and connect with one another makes me realize how much I gained in moving to the country.

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