The Spring Market on Fridays and Saturdays

Elaine and Veronica are running a Spring Local Market.  Located in the Ringside it is similar to our famous Summer Market and features local artists in every imagination: pottery, paintings, local designer clothes, flowers, puppets and food, sweet and succulent food.  Markets like this are so much more than shopping; it is a place to stop for a while, to visit and commune, and to feed the spirit and soul.   Let's cross our fingers that it continues to grow and extend the summer fun.

I love Veronica's style; classic and sensitive.  Every time I see her I catch myself stealing an extra long glimpse because I know what she wears is thoughtful and resourceful.   While she loves living on Hornby she always takes care to dress in a way that expresses her individuality and her love for clothes.  Take note that she is hosting a fashion show at the Hall on April 23 and 24th and I know it will be wonderful.  Her designs are innovative, well made and beautiful.  I just wish she would design for men!

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