For weeks now my pencil has been scratching at the dirt, digging for some truth, searching for intelligent life.  I have seen my discontents and challenges but, ultimately, I am confronted with the constantly overwhelming beauty.  In the space of short weeks the perfumed air of Spring has marched in and I have fallen back in love.  The energy of Life moves through every imaginable incarnation, expressing itself in every direction.  Creation dances and vibrates and I see the circle of life, every hand holding every other hand.  I bear witness to the affections of the sun, the rain, the earth, the trees, the fish, the birds, the sweet air, and humanity.  I can see it in the white bowl filled with cut oranges, in the gentle morning rain, and in the smiles of those I love and those I don't know yet to love.  So, for me, the question becomes how do I join in the chorus of birds singing every morning, how do I reach out to hold more hands, and how do I ride the tide of breath that flows through me every moment?  How do I let go of my safe place, of myself, to join the whole?

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Rachelle said...

How indeed. Beautiful poetic post Pat.