Beachcomber's Philosophy
11AM, Sandpiper Beach, Hornby Island.  Another quiet moment of transcendental beauty as sky, sea, sunlight and expanse conspire to grab my attention and spirit me to awareness.  So many of us are apt to forget to see what is all around us, engrossed in the busyness of daily living and the concerns of the world.  Focus  and action are necessary but so is rapt piety when a moment like this presents itself.  Indeed, these moments are gifts given to provide us an opportunity to strike balance and to recharge ourselves for the weighty matters at hand.
My good friend Rachelle is someone fascinated by looking deeply into what is in front of her and, thankfully, she shares it with all around who will stop and stare.  She taught  me to see the moving patterns of the water and how they repeatedly appear in nature.  Now I am constantly seeing that movement, as in these spirals etched into the flotsam logs on Sandpiper Beach, carved by the very tide.  That energy is found in Rachelle's own sensitive carvings, energetic moving waves that decorate her beautiful pottery.  It conjures the spiraling arms of galaxies or the swirl of a dancer's fluid skirt as she spins on the spot.  I imagine the path the wind must take as it moves through the limbs of a tree or how the air bends as it enters my lungs, feeding the tide of my blood.  It serves to connect me to the hidden nature long forgotten inside myself.


Rachelle said...

Pat, {xxxxoooo}.. that's a cyber hug and kiss. So sweet.

Doug said...

Ya, she's great, eh.

I took your Sandpiper beach shot and tonemapped it. The clouds didn't change much but the trees became visible.

I think your's works better because it's smoother. The tonemappped one looks too grainy. Here it is if you're interested: