The Things I Do For Food
Our friend Elaine is not only a talented artist but also a prolific farmer. Today she brought us this bounty in exchange for a Pilates mat class I taught. Kale, hazelnuts, rosemary and brussels sprouts. I know it will taste even better than it looks but my eyes can't help but drink in the reds, greens and purples. The kiwis come from Anna, another incredible artist who lives on the island and has three kiwi trees. I am so incredibly blessed. Not only do I get to see people move beautifully with grace and strength but they reward me as well with this veritable cornucopia of delights. As a teacher I always hope I can give my students something to encourage their growth. But when my students give back to me in whatever form it feels like it is multiplied a thousand times. Here on Hornby Island I am discovering first hand what it means for neighbours to take care of one another.

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