My Muses on Gardening
 I am spending at least part of each day right now in our yard, trimming, weeding, and cleaning up after winter's reign.  I was introduced to these flowers the other day, apparently the first to bloom.  They are called Snow Drops and seem too delicate to trumpet Spring.  As I tend to my chores I am struck constantly by the lessons of Mother Nature:  the tenacity of weeds rooting deep into the rich black earth, the non-resistance of the bamboo grove bending expertly in  the wind, and the wisdom of letting go as I clear away the dried grasses.
After spending the day being physical I am so thankful for Pilates.  The freedom in my hips to crouch and bend, the strength in my center to rake and lift, and the deep breathing so I can benefit from all this clean air.

We love being in our yard and I am excited to get it into shape for our Spring and Summer guests.  It has tall trees and open space, a laughing stream and faces south to the path of the sun.  Bearing witness to this abundance of green that so beautifully absorbs the light makes me want to share it with all.

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