Heidi's Library
My good friend Heidi is a voracious reader. And luckily for me, she shares her passion freely. If it wasn't for her, I honestly wouldn't have any idea what to read. She has given me books that have kept me up all night, books that made me cry, and other books that made me laugh out loud. It is my favourite way to finish the day and sometimes my favourite way to start one too. I can chart every vacation I have taken by the books I have read during them. So I try my best to make sure our house and cottage guests have the same opportunity to spend special time in a good book. Our bookcase if full of the books for the lending, books that Heidi has passed along to me over the years. I know Chapter's has Heather's Picks and fans of Oprah can join her book club. But at Arthurs House and Cottage we lie in deep debt to Heidi.

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