2011: A Space Odyssey Rocks
Valerie, our enthusiastic impresario

Vivacious Quinn rocks her look

What would you wear to the moon?  NB These are audience members, not cast.

The Insecurity Guards belt it out to Mrs Aurora.

On Hornby Island, "life is (indeed) a cabaret old chum".  Our first Community Hall party lived up to everything we had been told.  Blessed with an impressive array of talented musicians, beautiful singers, and creative production staff, this island knows how to put on a good show.  All night long people were talking, hugging, smiling, laughing, and dancing together in the aisles, inhibition safely checked at the door.   From the moment we walked in the hall doors to the moment we left, reality was suspended and we were all in it together, a community in celebration.  Thanks so much to Valerie, the amazing cast and crew, and our friends and neighbours for a great night.  To the moon, indeed.

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