The Sounds of Silence

No picture to tantalize you today so I pray my words will do your time justice. In moving to the country away from the city, the biggest trade off we have made is noise for sound. We now hear the sounds of the world, near and far; the birdsongs, the fluttering or whoosh of their wings, the wind rustling the trees high overhead, the surf roaring, the sea lions barking, the raindrops landing, and when I concentrate, the beating of my own heart (I know that sounds lofty but give it a try). Please don't get me wrong; there is still the occasional car that drives by, the toil of the washing machine and the sigh of the wood stove fan. But when I lay my head down on my pillow it is a deep and persuasive quiet that lauds me to sleep. And sometimes I even hear how the rhythm of my own breath rightly fits into place of everything.

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