Our First Hornby Anniversary
It is a year to the day that Michael and I made the decision to move to Hornby. We spent the weekend at the beautiful Seabreeze Lodge with our best friend Susi and notable island realtor Donna Tuele showed us 5 or 6 places. At the end of the day, nothing really stood out (besides Donna and Steve from the Seabreeze). While Susi was preparing another blow your socks off dinner, Michael and I stood holding each other on the porch in the unyielding rain and quietly decided to stop deliberating and just give it a go. There was nothing; no precedent, no house, no knowledge of the people who lived here or what we would find and definitely no auspicious sign from above. But we had each other and we knew, no matter what, that was enough. We went back to Vancouver and sold our apartment, blindly. Our leap proved so true that we are forever fearless now. One year later and we are happy to report we made the best decision of our lives so far on nothing more than instinct and faith. Afterwards of course, came the real work. Michael moved the world and the stars (and even more miraculously, swayed the banks) to create this dream come true. It is a true testament to the phenomenal ability and fortitude of my man that we are here now, living among the eagles and the clean air and our amazing and dear neighbours on Hornby Island.

PS This isn't a picture of us moving here although those pictures don't look that different. The Seabreeze has golf carts to carry luggage to and fro and Michael drives best caffeinated with the Goose giving him directions.


Doug said...

We felt a similar empowering when we moved here. Turning your existance on its head is terrifying, but doesn't it just fill you with life?

Everyone here on Hornby, especially Rachelle and I, are so happy that you're here.

What a great photo!

Rachelle said...

c'mon! I've seen that cart in your back yard! You guys are the best thing to have happened to Hornby since we moved here!