Moon Dog in the Winter Sky
One of the reasons we both love living here is the lack of ambient light that is so inescapable in the city. Case in point last Monday night as we walked our walk around Sandpiper. The moon was close to full and alone in the clear night sky, as if she had banished all the stars and clouds. Walking along I kept catching myself staring, helplessly seduced. So imagine my surprise when, halfway around our evening constitution, I saw my very first moon dog. Now completely hypnotized, we both gaped adoringly at the moon, working her magic in ways I never imagined. It filled me anew with utter gratitude for the darkness of our Hornby night.


Doug said...

So it IS called a moon dog! That's a great photo. You're right about how spectacular it was.

Rachelle said...

Beautiful capture! We thought we were the only ones to call them Moon Dogs. Maybe we're the only 4! I think it's also referred to as a moon 'aura'... but that might only be here on the coast. :)