Island Spirits Distillery
Before you start thinking that I have already fallen off the "get back into shape" wagon, I want you to know these are gifts for friends. Good friends. So they get the absolute best. What I didn't know is that I would find the very best gin and vodka made right here on Hornby Island. So imagine my delight and surprise when Doug and Rachelle steered me in the direction of Island Spirits Distillery ( and Phrog Premium Gin and Phrog Premium Vodka. Now, I know what you are thinking: "best" is subjective and what is nectar to one just might be poison to another. Well, you'll never know until you taste for yourself and discover. If you are into the good stuff (and life is too short not to go for the good) then make sure you look up their website to see where you can buy some in BC and Alberta. Or better yet, plan a visit to Island Spirits the next time you're on Hornby. The distillery is shiny, fantastical, and built by Peter who is friendly and joyfully committed to making his epicurean spirits. Ah, this lovely little isle where I live just keeps getting better.

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