Happy 90th Birthday Kwok Ching Kit
Please meet my beautiful grandma, Kwok Ching Kit. She turned 90 this January 7th and celebrated surrounded by her two daughters, one of her two sons, three of her five grandkids, and two of her three great granddaughters. She began life in China, was orphaned early in her life, eventually married my grandpa and moved to Hong Kong. In her life she has known great hardship and sadness but even greater joy and happiness.

My grandmother is instrumental to me in this thing called life. She helped raise me and I cannot imagine my life without her influence. She showed me the difference between right and wrong, taught me not to take myself too seriously, inspires me, delights me and helps me define love. She is resilient, sharp thinking and quick witted, has a fiery temper softened by a warm smile and loving hands. She is literally a part of my heart.
My brother Will and my uncle Chuk
My grandma, her daughter and my mom Lai Lan and her great granddaughters Ori and Belle
My aunt Lai Ling and the adorable Belle and Ori
Happy birthday Grandma. I love you.

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Rachelle said...

You're so lucky to have family so near and so obviously close. Lucky you!