Orion the Hunter currently stands guard over Sandpiper Beach
Michael and I went on a beautiful walk last night. A half moon lit our way so that we could admire the shadows of the forest. First we checked out Doug and Rachelle's pillared Christmas lights, which make a great contrast set against the dark silhouette of the limbed trees in their yard. Then we headed down to Sandpiper Beach where the constellation Orion dominated the sky. The waters underneath reflected the moonlight and we were struck anew by the beauty that surrounds us. The early dark afforded by winter's night makes the pinpricks of light from the distant stars shine strong. And the Christmas light on this island beat anything anywhere I have ever seen. You need the dark to recognize the light. I love living here.


Doug said...

What a crazy night it was last night. You were able to get that awesome clear shot of the southern sky, but at midnight it was pouring rain. Good work on getting out during the window.

Doug said...

OK, check this out.


Go to the LAST photo in the slide show. It`s a mindblowing photo of Orion and a great explanation.