Hornby Island Fashion Icon
When I was first moving to Hornby Island my friend Francesca tried to frighten me out of the idea by saying that it was only a matter of time before I would succumb to wearing crocs and a hemp poncho full time. So imagine my delight when I first met Judy, just one of the stylish ladies who live on Hornby. She has an effortless style and always looks good. She is also a great cook, has a great relationship with her husband Brian, lives in a gorgeous home they built together and leads a happy, contented life.
My boyfriend doesn't look too shabby himself. In fact, I think he is the sexiest man alive (even if People Magazine hasn't figured it out yet).
And in case you were wondering whether Francesca's prediction about crocs and ponchos ever came true, well time will tell. But my money's on Hunter boots, Barbour coats and tweed jackets. Especially if I keep hanging out with Judy.

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