Splitting wood

Everything in this brand new world is novel to me. The other day our friend Doug gave us a wood splitting workshop and yesterday I gave it a go on my lonesome. Thankfully, it went well (no missing body parts and wood got chopped). Does everyone make funny faces when they chop wood or is that just my special talent? As with so many other things in life, I discovered that intention is everything. If I thought about the wood splitting my energy would go through the wood like a hot knife through butter. It was effortless. And if I had other thoughts in my head no wood became split.

Thank goodness for Doug. Not only did he teach us how to split wood but he also told us to buy a splitting maul. And the wisdom didn't end there. He told me to wear steel toed boots, to bend my legs, to keep my arms straight and to aim like I was trying to reach the block. And his beautiful wife and our friend Rachelle was the one who went off to Slegg Lumbar to get us the maul in the first place. Without our dynamic duo friends we would be hooped. It's cold out there this winter time. And brilliant.

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