Score from the Free Store

They say one man's trash is another man's treasure. Michael went to the Free Store one wet Friday and saved this beauty from a one way trip to the landfill. My man has an uncanny knack for finding gems at garage sales, vintage shops and thrift stores. And for years he worked at a Vancouver furniture store that specialized in country lifestyle. So when he saw this age worn table's natural patina he instinctively knew its worth. Check out those reds, greens and yellows! He brought it home excitedly knowing I would love it too and, truth be told, I can't stop admiring it. So instead of landfill it now serves as a very needed table in our bedroom.

Hornby Island produces the smallest amount of landfill of any community in British Columbia and one of the reasons is because of the sensible Free Store. Almost everyone has a story (or two) of some amazing find; everything from clothes to furniture to objets d'art. It always makes a trip to the Recycling Depot and Dump into a hopeful and painless shopping adventure.

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Doug said...

Nice table, but I know where you can get better bowl ;-)