Oh Canada!
Take a look at my amazing boyfriend's first piece of folk art. After taking lessons with a local Hornby artist named Tara Ireland, a couple weeks of steady work created this patriotic beauty. He plans on using reclaimed and found wood to craft these whimsical masterpieces. This idea has been brewing since the summer when he was inspired by the energy, talent and fun of the artists he worked with at the Island Gallery. Apparently after Toronto, Hornby boasts the most artists in one postal code in all of Canada. With that much creative energy here I guess it really was just a matter of time before Michael found his own artistic avenue and release. I know that whomever gets one of these will get as much joy from it as Michael does when making them. He is already busy with more flags and also has ideas for other Canadian images and icons. Stay tuned.

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Doug said...

Wow! Well done Michael. It looks fabulous!