Magical Mushrooms
This Fall's warm and wet weather has blessed Hornby with a bumper crop of mushrooms. All the island foodies have been romping through the woods in search of chanterelles. They either share their favourite hunting grounds or keep the locations close to their breasts like state secrets. It is a game of hide and seek in the forest and only those lucky, patient and committed enough are blessed with mushroom fortune.

Somehow Michael and I completely missed the boat on this forested frenzy. The picture above is not even of edible mushrooms, just ones I was struck by when walking High Salal one day. But luckily we made friends with generous people who are sweet enough to take pity on us newbies and share their fungal bounty. Last night Brian and Judy made a delicious dinner and shared with us a mix of the chanterelles, pine mushrooms and hedgehog bellybuttons they harvested this autumn. They also gave us an impromptu lesson in the look, size, feel, names, and smell of these undergrowth gems. But definitely the part of the lesson we liked the most was the taste.

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Doug said...

That photo is a textbook shot of the "Fly Amanita". Apparently eating them has some well known intoxicating, if somewhat unpredictable effects.

They're beautiful mushrooms, tho.