H.I. Christmas Fair 2010

Now Dasher!, now Dancer!, now Prancer and Vixen!, on Comet!, on Cupid!, on Donner and Blitzen...

And we're off! Last Saturday our Christmas Fair sounded the official start to the holiday season here on Hornby Island. The Hall and the school gym were packed with locals and tourists alike to see, sample and buy the combined talents of the islands' artists, bakers, craftspeople, farmers, jammers, wine makers, and weavers. But in the midst of the shopping frenzy what makes events like this special is the laughter and good feeling between friends and neighbours. People taking the time to stop and say hello, to hug, to catch up with one another and just be together.
Michael also made his folk art debut. He was nervous to show his nascent work but everyone was super supportive and complimentary. His flags looked great and you would be hard pressed to believe that he hasn't been making them for years.
Our dear friend Quinn with her yummy and ubiquitous ginger cookies.
The jocular Cedar in her element, making her art.
Isn't this adorable? Hedgehog card holders made from old hardcover books. Below is a picture of Valerie (who made them) and Michael sharing a laugh at the end of the day. What a great outfit Valerie! And what a fabulous smile!

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