We sent our dear friend Sam (aka Sweetie) and her new baby boy Hunter a puppet made by the incredibly talented Susan Cain who lives here on Hornby Island. I met Susan at the Hornby Island Farmer's Market this past summer where I was taken with her craftsmanship and her charm. I have been waiting for the right occasion to gift one of her beautiful and intricate puppets and Sam's favourite holiday is Hallowe'en. Hopefully Hunter will inherit his mom's love for costumes and fancy. We kept it here at our house longer than we needed but it was too cool to just put into a box and mail away. We seasoned it with lots of play before sending it on its life long mission to entertain Hunter.

When we visited Susan's studio she also gave us a bag of the most delicious pears I have ever enjoyed. Sadly, they were too tasty for us to take the time to photograph but we remember enjoying them in pastas, salads, with wine and cheese.

Happy Hallowe'en to everyone!

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Doug said...

We got a bag of those pears last year but, sadly, didn't get one this fall. Sooo tasty!!